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Our Values Define Who We Are

When someone knows what you believe, they have a better understanding of who you are and the value you provide. Our beliefs set the foundation for what we do. 

  • Effective marketing is essential to the success of your business.

  • Strategy and creative are equal partners in effective marketing.

  • Marketing must make a measurable difference to demonstrate value.

  • Marketing leadership enables better decision making and better use of your resources.

  • Data informs, while creative engages, so use both to improve your marketing.

  • Everyone in the company is part of Marketing, if you enable them appropriately.  

  • Understand your market, your message and your map to reach your customers.

  • Your brand is your story. Be able to share it with others.

If our values resonate with you, we should talk. Contact us to begin the conversation about working with a fractional CMO to help you reach your business goals faster.

Our Services Offer Exceptional Value To Our Clients

We provide insights, strategy and execution for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) as a Chief Marketing Officer on a part-time basis.


You have a vendor for your web site, another for your media, and yet another for your creative, because in the gig economy, it's more economical to outsource. And, you have a few superstars on your team that "do" marketing. We love what you've done to get there, and want to help you optimize your marketing with our leadership and experience to ensure you get the most out of your limited resources, while driving toward your business goals. From market research to brand messaging to target marketing programs and events to sales generation programs, we'll lead, coach and direct your internal and outsourced teams to maximize results. And, if you don't have all the pieces in place, we can help you build marketing that delivers.


We've seen it over and over. A company takes off like a rocket, with exponential growth, then hits a plateau and gets stuck. We use our proven and proprietary "My Marketing Map" program to get you "unstuck" and on a path to reach your goals. The value of our facilitated framework and collaborative accountability enables your team to have clear understanding of what to do and tactical guidance for getting it done, so you can reach your business goals.


Between content marketing, social marketing, lead generation, events and more, sometimes it's all you can do to "keep the lights on" with your marketing efforts. But, we know that marketing is what engages customers and differentiates your business from others. Our strategic and creative expertise and capacity brings you the ability for high value projects and programs that make your business stand out, without having the full-time burden of adding another team to the payroll. We augment existing marketing efforts to deliver exceptional results that change the trajectory of your business.


As a fractional CMO service, we offer the expertise you need to augment your existing team or help build a marketing team from the ground up. Our part time engagement enables you to gain the most valuable parts of having an executive marketing leader, without the expense of a full time Chief Marketing Officer or VP of Marketing.

We provide our highest value marketing leadership, coaching and direction to help each of our clients accelerate their growth and accomplish their goals.


Our Approach Is Value-Driven





Our approach to your marketing starts with the My Marketing Map program. My Marketing Map is a facilitated program for strategy and storytelling that reviews your marketing path, analyzes market conditions, evaluates your competition, then creates the foundation for your success. My Marketing Map delivers targeted messaging that resonates with your customers, and a goal focused roadmap to guide your activities toward achieving your business goals.


The Value CMO leads and guides the execution of your marketing with accountability, mentoring and team development. As experienced coaches with a strong network of marketing experts in creative media production, The Value CMO can step in and deliver value right away. 


A standard engagement is for 20 to 80 hours per month and lasts six months. That's long enough to establish a strategic path and create a foundation of success that breeds more success. Our goal is to help you establish an actionable strategic road map, develop successful marketing habits, and move your business toward your goals. We don't need to be a permanent fixture in your business. We just want to deliver the high value marketing insights, strategies and execution for accelerating growth and reaching goals in a way that works for your business. 

"Brian is second to none when it comes to strategic, senior-level marketing. His energy and enthusiasm, along with his knowledge base elevates those around him to make measureable progress in a very short period of time to gain results.Brian's ability to generate brand awareness, thought leadership and lead generation to grow companies is a strong suit."
Kristin Carrico, Vice President, North America Customer Experience at CDK Global 

You Need To Have a Plan

To Get Where You Want To Go.

Our Team Brings Lasting Value
To Your Team

Every organization has different needs that require different contributions. We work best as experienced leadership, bringing fresh eyes, proven practices and expert talent to help build, develop and augment your own internal marketing team. Our national network of award winning marketing, media and creative professionals offer high value skills and abilities, on-demand, giving you access to the best talent without the cost of keeping them on your payroll until you need them. And, once we wrap up our engagement, you still have lasting relationships with our team, so you can continue to engage them as you need them. That's good business for everyone.     


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