My Marketing Map is a proprietary framework for developing the market insights, targeted messaging and strategic roadmap to help you reach your business goals. This program is facilitated as both a self-paced, interactive, online series of exercises and activities, or as an intensive, two-day, in-person workshop, with tangible and actionable outputs.


The My Marketing Map program uncovers market insights that provide a base for creating a targeted message that resonates with prospects and customers, and a foundation for the strategic roadmap that will help you reach your business goals. The process is both an inside-out discovery and a market analysis that focuses on the perspectives of your company stakeholders, current state marketplace realities, competitive analysis, your marketplace opportunities, targeted personas and your market positioning.


Your core messaging is essential for communicating the value you offer in exchange for customer engagement or to solve a customer issue. Finding your authentic self and what you believe are important parts to creating your brand message and brand value.  Part science and part creative inspiration, a well crafted and targeted message resonates with you target markets, shares your value and allows them to emotionally connect with your company, so that you become a preferred choice rather than a statistical comparison and commodity against your competition. Clear, concise and consistent messaging also enables your employees to extend the reach of your brand value into their spheres of influence, and provides a way for your best customers to advocate on your behalf, as raving fans. The biggest brands in the world do this every day. Shouldn't you?


A failure to plan is a... you know. And you also know that if you make the time to create a short term and longer term strategic path, you create a foundation of success that breeds more success. You also have a better understanding of how to spend your time to optimize value and deliver on your goals. Our goal is to help you establish your start up, or invigorate your business past a plateau. The strategic roadmap starts with goals, and the strategies to meet those goals. It includes the executional tactics and processes that your team commits to on a daily basis, and identifies the resources needed to be able to execute on your strategies to meet your goals.  Once you have the roadmap, keep it close, use it to stay focused, share it with your team, and use it to fundamentally change your business in the next six months.

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