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Transform Your Career From
Marketing Manager To Executive.

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to Grow Your Marketing Career, Now!

If you're a driven marketing professional looking to take the next step in your career, how will you get there? 

An MBA takes a long time and costs a lot of money. 

Doing a good job and hoping to get promoted often keeps you stuck in tactical execution and "firefighting" most of the time.


Being stuck in tactical execution can leave you viewed as a good worker, but not necessarily as a strategic leader who belongs on the Executive Team. 

Elevate Your Marketing Career.


Our proven frameworks, "road-tested" for over a decade, will help you unlock your potential and transition from a Marketing Manager or Marketing Director to a seat at the Executive table.

With easy to understand, practical processes and access to a marketing career mentor, you'll have an actionable path to enhancing your leadership skills, broadening your business acumen, and expanding your professional influence to take your marketing career to the next level with foundations for growth that make a lasting impact.

Brian Talbot has mentored Marketing Managers & Directors for over two decades, helping them elevate their value and grow their careers to become Executive Team members.

My Marketing Map online courses create the opportunity to grow your career by teaching marketing fundamentals that are easy to understand and apply. By giving you the principles, processes and practices to move from tactical execution to strategic leadership, you get the knowledge and tools you need to advance, at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 mentoring. 

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Online Courses That Teach You The Foundations To Create Marketing Value.

In a Meeting

No One Is Going To Do It For You. 
Get Ready Now To Take The Next Step.

What does it take to move from a mid-level marketer to a seat in the C-Suite? 

Practical processes for mastering the fundamentals of Strategy and Storytelling will give you the foundation for elevating your value and growing your career. 

Don't miss your chance to transform your marketing career. The program is shifting from 1:1 mentoring to online learning to reach more people.


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